Muscle Car Restoration

There aren’t many hobbies that can be as involved as restoring an old car to its former glory.  Right off the bat, the biggest challenge you’ll face is funding your project.  You could probably spend less collecting jewelry than parts for an old car.  Muscle car restoration projects often involve returning to an iconic past in American history.  The average Joe may not be capable of undertaking a muscle car restoration project that spans many years and, potentially, tens of thousands of dollars.  Above average people would even consider such a skilled task.

Making the most of your time

Restoration projects can vary greatly, depending on the condition in which you receive the car, of course.  Sometimes it can be financially sound to hire a professional to restore the car for you, however, chances are good that the person wanting to do the restoring is more prideful than to let someone do the work for them, even if it may actually wind up being more expensive. To mitigate the potential damage to one’s wallet, it’s a good idea to set a budget and then go research each individual part you will need going forward. 

Typically, a muscle car restoration that involves all the major parts and body work, you’ll be focusing on the engine first, the interior and accessories next, and finally the paint job and details last.  If the body itself is in good shape, you’ll probably have a lot of downtime between the acquisitions of parts.

When it comes to restoring that beautiful engine to its roaring muscle car status, you should focus on replacing parts with all original parts.  Aftermarket parts do have their distinct advantages, but keep in-mind they will decrease the overall value, if that is of importance to you.  Wherever possible, try to find new and original OEM parts.  Then from there, if you’re unable to find new parts, don’t be afraid to search the used parts catalogs available at specialty shops, the internet, or other fellow car collectors.

The muscle car restoration community is big, international, and usually very friendly.  It’s not uncommon to get great trade deals or even donations to your cause.  They know the journey is a long and hard road, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

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