Custom Muscle Cars

Muscle Cars are an iconic piece of American culture.  All around the globe, car enthusiasts love the strength and hard lines of the muscle car.  These cars offer a ton of room for customization and personalization.  Custom muscle cars can be a big kid’s play pen.  To prevent draining yourself of time and money, you should see what you’re getting into first before taking that jump down the rabbit hole.
If you haven’t already purchased your muscle car to perform the makeover on, you should look at possibly buying a car that is already complete and in good condition internally.  Customizing the body and interior is a much more realistic goal to set when thinking about your first custom muscle car.

Putting things together

The fun part of customizing your muscle car starts with deciding what type of materials, accessories, and colors you want to use.  The planning stages are important, though, so try to have fun, but also make sure you have all your parts and extras accounted for.  Budgeting will get out of hand, even if you stick to your plan, you’ll still end up spending more than your original estimate.

Hiring a Professional

If you take a look into the custom muscle car community and find groups where collectors share their work, you will learn a great deal on when you should do it yourself or when it’s not really worth the money saved for an inferior product.  You may find yourself spending more on mistakes when you could have let an experienced fabricator handle it for you.  A lot of body welding and trimming can seem easy at first, but the stakes are much higher and reversing a mistake could really set back your project.

Interior fabrication and accessorizing should be where you’ll get the most bang for your bang when it comes to custom muscle cars.  Turn your ride into a luxury cruise, transport your passengers to a distant past of vinyl seating and shag carpeting.  Don’t forget the fuzzy dice and vintage music collection.  Can ya dig it?

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