Custom Classic Cars

Car collectors may find themselves tired of seeing stock parts, stock wheels, stock paint schemes, and especially stock engines. Although it is more common to see in younger car collectors, custom classic cars are a way to express one’s personality, while paying homage to the days of yore.
It should go without saying that building a custom classic car is no easy or inexpensive feat. It could possibly be a cheaper endevuere than some of the more involved restoration projects, but typically your custom classic cars are all about over-the-top embellishments and commissioned works.

Network with Classic Car Buffs

You will seldom see a classic car on the street by itself, it’s a rare treat. Usually these types of cars are spotted on the way to or from a car convention. The best way to get ideas about restoring or customizing a classic car is to join a car club. Start with simple car enthusiast forum and you’ll quickly gain new friends willing to share their own tips, tricks, and life experiences with building custom classic cars.  This will not only make you feel more confident along your journey, but also probably save you lots of time and money from common mistakes.

Using OEM stock parts or Aftermarket


If you’re thinking of building a vintage classic car, you should pay similar mind to OEM parts as you would restoring any classic car.  Obviously, you would be the judge in which parts you would like to replace with aftermarket parts, but don’t replace important components with aftermarket parts unless you really know what you’re doing.  Considering that most custom classic cars are mainly centered on visual detailing, it can be very difficult to know for certain that a part under the hood will play well with the older components.

If you have doubts about what parts are best to upgrade and what should be left alone, you could consider hiring a professional at a premium.  I would expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for an involved engine makeover, which would be excluding the price for the parts. 

Ultimately, unless your car was previously owned by a celebrity, a custom classic car will generally be worth less than an original mint stock classic car.  Your passion for cars must exceed the level of emotional and financial contributions you will need to make for a project like this. 


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