California Classic Cars

You can usually tell a classic car when you see one.  Usually spotted in packs, traveling to conventions, charity events, and museums.  If you live in California, you’ll probably see them a lot more frequently than most others.  It’s very similar to many other art collecting scenes.  The appreciation for craftsmanship, shapes, colors, textures, and even smells is an experience that is hard to describe, yet universally understood for classic car collectors.

Spotting California Classic Cars

If you’re interested in going on a hunt for classic car spotting, there are many places to go to experience the culture first-hand.  There is a museum just for you, called the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento.  You have almost 200 California Classic cars to choose from: Chevy Bel-Air, Dodge Charger, Ford T-Bucket, Stingrays, Cadillacs, Rolls-Royces, Gremlins, and Pintos, just to name a few.  Racecar fans will also find their favorites there, back when the exteriors of race cars resembled real cars on the road, only supercharged and beefed-up under the hood.

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As with many car exhibits, museums, and collector’s events, California classic cars are very personable.  Owners and collectors often have many stories about their cars and the deep history behind each and every model of car.  Even the classic cars who had a very short run, those can have some of the most enriching legacies for car enthusiasts, often sporting their own little unique quirks or special features that are one of a kind.

Front-row Seats

If you wish to see some of these California classic cars in action, you can take a trip down to the Sonoma Historic Motorsports festival in May.  You’ll find a special intersection of wine and cars at this place.  There’s really nothing else like it, being able to enjoy good food, drinks, and classic cars going head-to-head in all their glory.  Where else can you experience history art in motion?

This race track is open to all California classic car collectors to register and test their skills, talk some automotive trash to their opponents, and prove once and for all which era had the best cars.
The art of car collecting is a special hobby with special memories attached to them.  This is one example of modern art that is important and should be preserved as long as possible in its most natural and unadulterated format, like the Sonama festival held every year in California.

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